Becoming Opportunity Attractive

Why is it that some people seem to attract opportunity and others never? It’s almost as if better jobs, raises, spectacular relationships, and so much more chase some and ignore others.

The question is can we become opportunity attractive? Is there something we can do to get on the radar of opportunity? After spending more than 40 years asking this question, experiencing opportunity after opportunity revealing themselves to me, and watching this exciting phenomenon happen in people’s lives, I think there are five commonalities among the Opportunity Attractive.

They seem to have a super power that others do not. Yet, this super power is not endowed on a preselected group, it is available for anyone who will develop the following five qualities in their lives.


Surround yourself with those that regularly ask the big “how and why” questions with a sense of expectancy that the answer is out there


Unyoke themselves with those people, activities, and habits that lean to a “sky is falling” mentality. They seek to create habits, develop habits, and breath-taking people who cause them to look out beyond the known towards the uncharted waters.


Plan their days based on their personal prime directives.


Engage with people and projects periodically that challenge their comfort zones. They realize that it is just beyond their comfort zone that opportunity, creativity, and moments of expanding are experienced.


Respond to life event with gratefulness and a sense of expectancy that something worthwhile is embedded in them.

Matt, Your Fellow Leapologist

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