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The Four Paradoxical Conflicts of your Leap

(part 1 of 4)

When you and I sense the lure to the edge of our current comfort zone, there are internal conflicts that arise. They can create storms within our soul (our Mind, Will, and Emotions).

Part of our being wants to make the Leap to the next plateau of our life while the other wants nothing to do with the Leap.

This conflict creates instability, confusion, and ultimately indecision. How do we move beyond the edge and make our Leap?

Understanding the paradoxical conflicts will help us Leap forward with courage and confidence.

Paradoxical Conflict Number One:

No one has ever done exactly what you have within you to do. Therefore there is no one that can show you the exact steps you must take to achieve fulfilment and success.

With no one to get precise advice from, you will need to get out of your head and begin to trust your gut and heart, follow your passion. Many have Leaped out on the journey of their own fulfillment and success, yet none have taken the exact Leap you are being called to do.

You can play it safe and stay where you are, yet it will produce discontent, disappointment, and discouragement. Your peace, fulfillment, and success is not available in the safety zone, it’s out there in the unknown.

Take a long look over your journey to where you are now, you will notice that you’ve already taken many Leaps. Though your Leap was heart pounding, you made your Leap and you lived and thrived.

Now, take the Leap!

Your Fellow Leapologist



Reframe and Retool Your Outlook (part 3 of 3)

Here are the final 2 tools of the seven tools that can aid you in how you paint and frame your past.

6th Tool          Flip your vision from what they did wrong to you, to what you’ve  gained through it and your commitment to do what is correct.

7th Tool           Forfeit your right to languish in what happened and liberate yourself to live by the knowledge of tool #1

Your Fellow Leapologist


Reframe and Retool Your Outlook (Part 2 of 3)

Here are 3-5 of the seven tools that can aid you in how you paint and frame your past.

3rd Tool          Find at least one thing about it that has created a good thing in your life and character; then talk about it with the quotation marks of gratefulness.

4th Tool          Follow the example of what you believe is the right thing to do. Be fully committed to do what is right regardless of the circumstances.

5th Tool          Fly what you learned through those events, knowing that they influence both you and those that listen to you.

Your Fellow Leapologist


Reframe and Retool Your Outlook (part 1 of 3)

The outlook you have on today and your future is yours to paint the way you want. Here are two of the seven tools that can aid you in how you paint and frame your past.

1st Tool           Fix your heart on the fact that you are Provided for, Protected, and Projected towards your best life.

2nd Tool         Face the pain of it and forgive. Knowing that forgiveness is not granting a pardon to the person who treated you wrong. It is the setting yourself free from having to drink from the BAR of Bitterness, Anger, and Resentment.

Look for part 2 tomorrow and part 3 the day after.

Your Fellow Leapologist


Monday 01.14.19 “Just Magnificent”

Yep, you’ve made it to the second Monday of 2019. Even in the midst of failed new year’s resolutions, walk outs, lock outs, spilled wine, fender bender, and so many other obstacles. You’re here and let’s make it a Magnificent Monday.

Making today magnificent involves at least four things:

  • You be in charge of your attitude, refuse to allow someone or something to have charge of you
  • Leverage your day with a task list with just six items on it. You’ll be gratified with the creative power it has to make today magnificent
  • Liberate yourself to Listen to someone else’s story of their incredible weekend
  • Resign from being the chairperson of your own “self demoralizing Committee”

Enjoy your Magnificent Monday

Your Fellow Leapologist


Freedom Friday 01.11.19

The way you look, think about, and speak to your team and coworkers has one of two results.

  1. Sets them free to Serve to their utmost
  2. Captures them in the prison of your low opinion of them

A harsh truth is that your expression and feelings towards them speaks volumes of who you are and how you view yourself.

Set yourself and your teammates free to Leap to their best Serve. Walk over to them and express your gratitude for them. Then follow that up with a specific character quality or activity they do that inspires you.

Your Fellow Leapologist


Grab Your Handlebars

Deciding to Leap into living out your own M.A.P. involves taking charge of your life and beginning with limited knowledge.

While learning to ride our bicycles we did it with limited knowledge, fell a few times, got back up and accomplished what we set out to do.

Taking your leap will produce the following six things.

  1. Grabbing the handlebars with a sense of gratitude, even though in fear was a leap forward.
  2. Remembering that someone knows you can will give you courage
  3. Accepting the challenge to move forward is where Leaping begins
  4. Validating another’s progress is powerful for both of you
  5. Elevating someone to an opportunity can bring out their best
  6. Liberating others from their fear, through your belief in them, can free them to take the Leap

Enjoy your Leap!

Your Fellow Leapologist


Serve Up to Your Best

The Environment of your family, where you volunteer, or where you trade your minutes and abilities for the money to sustain your world is gaged by the thermostat of your Serve.

Bring your best Serve every day and you’ll see the environment change for the better. This can be accomplished through four regular steps.

  1. Be in charge of your own attitude. Allow nothing or no one to be in control of your attitude.
  2. Elevate your look to above the actions and attitude of others. Look towards the one who provides for you, protects you, and propels you forward in Leap forward.
  3. Serve rather than waiting to be served.
  4. Transfer the good will that you wish for to those around you through your actions and words to them.

When I can assist you in making your Leap to your best Serve, send me a text or give me a call at 916.708.8103 or you can email me at


Let’s Discover Your M.A.P.

Welcome to the Team of School Nutrition

Bringing on staff a new LG (Lunch Guy or Girl) is a big task. Their start and training is essential to everyone. They will affect the synergy of the entire School Nutrition Department, the School Restaurant they become a part of, the school, and most importantly the students they serve.

This 90 second video is my gift to you in an effort to help you get the new LG off on a good start. It is the first of several videos to assist you in creating and sustaining a great menu of LG’s who Serve Students.

It is free, you can download it and use it as often as you like.

If there’s anything I can do for you, just ask.


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Call or Text me at 916.708.8103