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The Rest you Seek

The rest you seek is discovered in the midst of your leap.  Your current “Why” is in a bit of flux, its changing, this is evident in that you are contemplating a Leap.

Our life is made up of three living zones at the same time: Our Family Life Zone, Our Volunteer Zone, and Our Career or Vocation Zone. When any of these zones are in the midst of the change of a Leap, it has ripple effects on our entire life. As we Leap from where we’ve been to where we need to be, it’s like taking a Leap from one plateau to another. Though this Leap can be overrun with anxiety and fear, you can also have a great sense of rest and peace in the midst of your Leap. Let me give you four ways to enjoy the leaving of this plateau and leaping to your next.

Remember and reminisce on your gains of where you were. Let your mind and heart celebrate, rather than crying over the leap of change.

Enjoy your new “Now (New Options of Wonder)” and employee your ability to be “in-Couraged” through your previous successes.

Smile as you face the pressure, predicaments, and perils of this new space through knowing you are where you must be, and these are your new educators not your eliminators.

Trust the process and tabulate the wins more than the losses. It is your responsibility to take charge of your mind and thoughts, you get to decide what hangs in the gallery of your thought life. Post the wins in the galley of your thought life. Now take the time to sit and gaze at them often.

Leap On my Friend

Your Fellow Leapologist



Rush to the Best Version of Yourself

A New Look at Disappointments

The Four Paradoxical Conflicts of your Leap

(Part 4 of 4)

Often making your Leap to that fulfilling career, relationship, or volunteer position involves leaving loved ones behind. This can be painful for both you and them. Yet, for your fulfillment you must make your Leap.

They have not experienced the calling to make this Leap you are contemplating. They do not nor can they understand what you are sensing. If you stay, you will be miserable, and make them miserable as well. This Leap is (often) for you and you alone to make.

Once you make the Leap and begin to demonstrate your fulfillment, and your success becomes evident, you will become a powerful force of “In-Couragement” to them.

Your fulfillment and success will transform yours and their sadness into gladness, their fear and disappointment into celebration. You will also begin to notice that some will make appointments with their on destiny.

Leap On my Friend

Your Fellow Leapologist

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The Four Paradoxical Conflicts of your Leap

(part 3 of 4)

There will be fear, a lack of peace, and a lack of confidence in moving towards your own Leap Zone, and taking your Leap. This is because you nor anyone else has made your Leap.

Looking squarely into the abyss of the unknown is scary. Its okay to admit it, it’s not okay to allow it charge over your Leap.

Many times the reason we do not Leap towards the new plateau of our career, relationships, or where and how we volunteer is because we take a head trip. The problem with head trips is that they usually involve problems, predictiments, and pressures that we misinterpret as signs to stay and play it safe.

“G-Ma, just imagine, if … ” says one of my friends grandson who gives her best serve as a School Restaurant manager for the last 23 years. Our imagination has the power to create powerful realities, both good and not so good. The outcome is up to us. “G-Ma, Just Imagine, if …”

The way you imagine your Leap will either anchor you in your safety zone or cause you to build a Leap Zone.

Leap On my Friend

Your fellow Leapologist

Matt 916.708.8103

The Four Paradoxical Conflicts of your Leap

(Part 2 of 4)

While you begin laying out your M.A.P. for your Leap, there will be a lack of friends and family lining up to encourage you to make your Leap.

There are three basic reason why they give you little to no encouragement. They sometimes just flat out do their best to discourage you from your Leap.

Before we unwrap their “why” let’s look at the big benefit of their lack of encouragement. This vacuum of support is a test of your resolve to fulfil your Life’s Mission. This heat of little or no support will serve to strengthen your endurance to stay the course.

Three Reasons for their lack of “In-Couragement”

  1. Their love for you will not allow them to encourage you to Leap to what they view as peril, harm, or failure. They are blinded by their love for you. The best gift you can give them is your fulfillment and success.
  2. Some of their livinghood either financially or emotionally comes through you. This causes them to advise you to stay and play it safe. They mean you no harm, its that they are focused more on their supply rather than your fulfillment and success.
  3. They have experienced the calling to Leap and have chosen to play it safe in their own life. Thus, there is no way they can encourage you to make your Leap, for if you do, they will be compelled to make theirs.

Leap On my friend.

Your Fellow Leapologist


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The Four Paradoxical Conflicts of your Leap

(part 1 of 4)

When you and I sense the lure to the edge of our current comfort zone, there are internal conflicts that arise. They can create storms within our soul (our Mind, Will, and Emotions).

Part of our being wants to make the Leap to the next plateau of our life while the other wants nothing to do with the Leap.

This conflict creates instability, confusion, and ultimately indecision. How do we move beyond the edge and make our Leap?

Understanding the paradoxical conflicts will help us Leap forward with courage and confidence.

Paradoxical Conflict Number One:

No one has ever done exactly what you have within you to do. Therefore there is no one that can show you the exact steps you must take to achieve fulfilment and success.

With no one to get precise advice from, you will need to get out of your head and begin to trust your gut and heart, follow your passion. Many have Leaped out on the journey of their own fulfillment and success, yet none have taken the exact Leap you are being called to do.

You can play it safe and stay where you are, yet it will produce discontent, disappointment, and discouragement. Your peace, fulfillment, and success is not available in the safety zone, it’s out there in the unknown.

Take a long look over your journey to where you are now, you will notice that you’ve already taken many Leaps. Though your Leap was heart pounding, you made your Leap and you lived and thrived.

Now, take the Leap!

Your Fellow Leapologist



Reframe and Retool Your Outlook (part 3 of 3)

Here are the final 2 tools of the seven tools that can aid you in how you paint and frame your past.

6th Tool          Flip your vision from what they did wrong to you, to what you’ve  gained through it and your commitment to do what is correct.

7th Tool           Forfeit your right to languish in what happened and liberate yourself to live by the knowledge of tool #1

Your Fellow Leapologist


Reframe and Retool Your Outlook (Part 2 of 3)

Here are 3-5 of the seven tools that can aid you in how you paint and frame your past.

3rd Tool          Find at least one thing about it that has created a good thing in your life and character; then talk about it with the quotation marks of gratefulness.

4th Tool          Follow the example of what you believe is the right thing to do. Be fully committed to do what is right regardless of the circumstances.

5th Tool          Fly what you learned through those events, knowing that they influence both you and those that listen to you.

Your Fellow Leapologist


Reframe and Retool Your Outlook (part 1 of 3)

The outlook you have on today and your future is yours to paint the way you want. Here are two of the seven tools that can aid you in how you paint and frame your past.

1st Tool           Fix your heart on the fact that you are Provided for, Protected, and Projected towards your best life.

2nd Tool         Face the pain of it and forgive. Knowing that forgiveness is not granting a pardon to the person who treated you wrong. It is the setting yourself free from having to drink from the BAR of Bitterness, Anger, and Resentment.

Look for part 2 tomorrow and part 3 the day after.

Your Fellow Leapologist