Raise your hand if you have faced or are facing the “Winds of Adversity” in your life. Looks like 100% of us have a hand raised. Todays question is how do I maneuver through this storm of adversity? How do I stay focused on my goals and aspirations while in the midst of adversity?

There are five attitude activities that have learned through previous storms of adversity. Here is a recording as well that may become a source of courage as you stand in the midst of your storm of adversity.

The five Attitude Activities to be able to Stand in the midst of your storm of Adversity

Stabilize yourself through viewing this setback as a setup for a great comeback

Target what you already know through looking at your own MAP of where you are headed and where you’ve already been

Analyze your previous wins, especially those that are born from what looked like setbacks

Negotiate the current obstacles with the courage you gained from your MAP

Determine to arrive at your destination, regardless of current events

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