I do not know that I have ever posted something like this talk by Monica Lewinsky? Yet, I just finished watching/listening to one of the bravest, compelling talks about what can happen to a person who makes a bad choice and what compassion from others can do to recover us who have made less than honorable choices.

For some of my readers, this will challenge your value system and moral code, yet I also believe it will touch your compassionate heart in a necessary way. Maybe, you have never made a choice that proved to be foolish and damaging to you and your loved ones, maybe you have never suffered under the weight of shame, yet I believe you have a heart that is compassion sensitive. Genuine compassion opens the gates to conversation which creates connection. It is through authentic connection that transformation takes root and grows.

Listen/watch the entire talk and my hope is that you will hear our need to express compassion through both our written and verbal words.

While listening/watching I am reminded of another woman who was caught in the very act of a bad decision. She was thrown to the feet of the man Jesus and as her accusers waited for His comments, He knelt and ran His finger through the dirt. His comments are filled with wise compassion. He first speaks to the accusers and gives them permission to do as they will based on their own purity. He then ask her where have all your accusers gone, she has no answer? Then, He shows her the way of personal compassion and says go your way and do not do this again. Releases her from the consequences of her unwise and dreadful choice.

Each and everyday I applaud those of you that live compassion towards others. You are the one who make the difference and return the possibility of life to us who have suffered at the hand of our own unwise choices. Most of us have needed compassion from others because of our foolish and unwise choices. Yet, the most powerful compassion may be the compassion you demonstrate to yourself. When you turn your focus from what you did and its consequences, toward what you have learned through it and what you will do differently from now on, you are free to serve others.

Forgiveness is the key. Compassion is the answer. Speak Up for others.

I welcome your thoughts and feelings of love and compassion.


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