Today, October 10th I step into 59 years of being on this journey of living. Like many who are here, we are a bit surprised to have arrived here so quickly. At the same time there are those who are where we were just yesterday, thinking “WOW” he is so old (LOL)!

I have put together a list of 59 gems I’ve picked up along the trail to here. Truth is along this journey i have goofed up (sometimes badly), made a truck load of “Mis-Takes”, experienced mountain top experiences as well as valley type heartaches, learned and re-learned a lot, yet the greatest Gems of through everything are the relationships I’ve had.

Some relationships were but a moment and others have lasted. Some of them became to kind of relationship that seemed as though they always had been. Of all of those that have been a gift to me by way of relationship, there are three people who have given me the most valuable Gems of the entire journey.

They feel as though they’ve always been part of my life and every time we are together whether breathing the same air space or through the advances of technology, they always replenish me. They are Rudy Felix Marquez JR “RJ”, Carmen Alicia Barajas, and Ezekiel Noah Marquez “Eze”; my three VP’s (Grandchildren).

They’ve been my greatest teachers of what’s most important in life. They have taught me to put everything aside and be with people face to face. it’s okay to color beyond the lines, sing out of (everyone else’s) tune, and to sit on the floor are just a few things that each of them have taught me.

The privilege to know and serve you is beyond my deserve line. Thank you for allowing me to be in your world and called one of your friends.

When I can do anything for you, just ask :-).

Click on this picture below to read the 59 Gems I’ve discovered along the journey.