December, 2014

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Standing in the midst of your Storm of Adversity

Raise your hand if you have faced or are facing the “Winds of Adversity” in your life. Looks like 100% of us have a hand raised. Todays question is how do I maneuver through this storm of adversity? How do I stay focused on my goals and aspirations while in the midst of adversity?

There are five attitude activities that have learned through previous storms of adversity. Here is a recording as well that may become a source of courage as you stand in the midst of your storm of adversity.

The five Attitude Activities to be able to Stand in the midst of your storm of Adversity

Stabilize yourself through viewing this setback as a setup for a great comeback

Target what you already know through looking at your own MAP of where you are headed and where you’ve already been

Analyze your previous wins, especially those that are born from what looked like setbacks

Negotiate the current obstacles with the courage you gained from your MAP

Determine to arrive at your destination, regardless of current events

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Freedoms Pursuit

Freedoms Pursuit;

We come into this world expressing our need for freedom. We burst forth from the womb to the cradle, from the cradle to crawling, from the cradle to crawling, from crawling to climbing. All of this is an expression that the former is no long cable of containing us. We are in the pursuit of freedom to live our own MAP “Mission Action Plan”.

This recording in called Freedoms Pursuit, it was live on December 23, 2014 on my Thought Filled Tuesday Morning Coffee/Tea Chat. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the TFT chat. You can email at  me or text me at 916.708.8103 .

If you would like to participate in the TFT morning chats you can do that by calling 805.399.1000 and use 593915 at 6:30 am (California Time) on Tuesday. To listen to a re-broadcast simply dial 805.399.1099 and use 593915 as your entry code.

Click here to listen or download your copy of Freedoms Pursuit

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Push Your Lawn Mower

“Push your lawn mower”

Pushing his lawn mower down the street in search of a lawn that needed his expertise. He was keenly aware that there is opportunity somewhere on this street. He also knew that this opportunity would not find him, he needed to find it.

Knocking on the door with the yard that needed mowing, he had no idea who would answer the door. No idea what kind of mood they would be in, all he knew is he had the answer to their need. They needed their lawn mowed and he had the expertise, the lawn mower and the time to get it taken care of.

Knock, Knock, Knock and the door opens and a lady opens the door with a big smile. He smiles back and asks if he could mow her lawn. After a few minutes of negotiation, he went to work on her lawn.

He needed a few dollars, she needed her lawn mowed, and a triple win was created.

When you have a need, there is someone who has a need that you are able to meet through your GPA (gifts, Passions, and Abilities). When the two of you come together and collaborate together you create a triple win.

The one you serve wins through having their need met, you win through having your need met, and future opportunities come through this new relationship of service.

Rather than sitting and lamenting over what you need, launch out and locate someone somewhere that needs your special blend of GPA.

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The MELT Principle of Reducing Stress

My dear friend, as you sit under the weight of looming deadlines, situations that are heavier than you can handle, or monstrous money issues there is a way to have courage and be an overcomer.

I want to encourage you to listen to this recording and begin to apply what I call the MELT principle of reducing stress.

Manage your mindset and thoughts

Eliminate power drainers  through replacing them with power givers

Lighten up by looking up

Transfer the weight of the situation to its proper place

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Doing Your Part Makes All The Difference

When each of us does our part, then we create a Garden of amazing accomplishments through Teamwork

Garden of Beauty




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Living a Fabulous Life

While working in my office, there are times I become over loaded with the enormity of responsibility. I will become fixated with what most be done. What I have no idea how to solve or fix. During these moments I feel as though I can not accomplish all that must be done to keep moving forward.

It is during times like this that I realize I have two choices. One is to walk away and act as if it will all take care of itself, or take a little break and refresh.

Here on my desk at the top right hand corner is a candle. During “break and refresh” times I will light it the candle. While watching it burn, noticing its emanating light, smelling its aroma, and seeing the melting wax that something transpires within me.

It become refreshed and refocused on what I can do rather than on what I can not do. I catch myself doing a four step process that I am now calling my “MELT” system of refreshing and refocusing.

Tuesday morning at 6:30 (California time) I plan to share for the first time my “Melt” process of refreshing and refocusing. Plan to call me at 805.399.1000 and use your participation code of 593915 to engage with me live. Make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee and let’s spend 30 minutes together learning the four step process of “MELT” to refocus and refresh.

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Failure, Setbacks, and Disappointments as Gifts? Really?

This mornings call/training involved asking and answering the question, “What is the purpose of failure, setbacks, and disappointments?”

We spent our time uncovering the Seven gifts that are hidden within Failures, Setbacks, and Disappointments. Here is a link to the recorded version of our 30 minutes together.

Failures, Setbacks, and Disappointments as Gifts? Really?

Click on the red link and it will take you to the unedited conversation. Let me know your contributing thoughts and feelings.

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