November, 2014

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Black Friday?

Black Friday?

While many are running from retailer to retailer to gain the best deals of the year, I decided to look at Black Friday differently.

What if we just committed ourselves to becoming our own Best Deal for others and ourselves? If just 3% of us decided on this course of action, I believe it would have profound ripple effects everywhere.

Here is my commitment for this Black Friday. I invite you along for the journey.

B            Blame Less

L            Love More

A            Adjust my attitude towards an upward view

C            Cultivate Relationships that increase our lives

K            Keep focused on being my Best Self

If you will become part of the 3% who will commit to our own Black Friday, then let me know through an email at or call/text me at 916.708.8103.


I am Matt, and I am your friend

Released to fulfill your design

As we become secure and confident to allow others to be who and what they are meant to be, we release ourselves to pursue our best selves. To accomplish this we must let yesterday’s failures and errors in judgement become the stepping stones of the journey to the freedom in becoming who you are designed to be.


Give yourself a E-Cation

July this year I took an E-cation. An E-Cation is a specified amount of time that we take a break from the electronic world of the Internet and all that abides within or through it.

My intention was to remain 100% on my E-Cation, yet to be honest; there were a few times I had to return a couple of emails and text messages. Each were items that may have been able to wait till my return. Yet, it seemed beneficial to address them in the moment.

Here is a list of Seven Gifts I discovered while on my E-Cation.

Seven takes aways from my E-Cation

7) There are people with stories just waiting to be heard when you do not have your Facebook open.

6) There are people who can not live without looking at their Facebook and text.

5) There are some amazing smiles on peoples faces.

4) There are some fascinating birds that want to make themselves known to you when you are looking up.

3) There are some amazing chats between you and yourself when you are away from the web.

2) There are some very kind people, just waiting to offer their servants heart to you, while you are away from your electronic world.

1) There are some magnificent eyes, that reveal the majestic within people when you are free from the electronic world.

Both the outside and electronic world made it without my involvement. The planet continued to spin, lives moved forward and at the same time nothing really changed while it was away.

Hmmmm … Maybe life is not as fast paced as I once perceived it to be? Maybe it’s just the Electronic world that moves fast.

The greatest gift of all came through being able to 100% focus on the person or persons I was with.

People are still the most amazing technology of all time.

I am Matt, and I am your Friend. When I can do anything for you, just ask. You can reach me at 916.708.8103 or at

Seeing the Better through the fog of CGM

The spark that launches Complaining, Grumbling, and Moaning over circumstances is the “knowing that things can be better than they are”.

As leaders and influencers the real task is unveiling and bringing into existence the “better”. This begins through focusing on the spark rather than the complaining, grumbling, and moaning.

I am Matt, and I am your Friend.

Undercover Kindness

Triple Win Wednesday through Undercover Random Acts of Kindness



The River Teaches Us the Way to Success

Your brand of Success can be Discovered through learning from the River as it flows to the Ocean