October, 2014

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Use the BAR or Raise the BAR

Use the BAR or Raise the BAR?

Everyone travels to the BAR “Bitterness, Anger, and Resentment” once in a while. Some of us stay at the BAR. Any time spent at the BAR will affect your life, those around you, and your future.

The truth is, it is my choice to “go to the BAR” or “Raise the BAR”. When we decide to Raise the BAR we reduce and eventually recover from the intoxicating effect of spending time at the BAR.

Raising the BAR is simply recognizing and walking in the fact that you are Brillant! This brilliance has within it multiple facets of your unique Abilities. As you begin to accept and live within your very own blend of Brilliance and Abilities, you can rest in taking full Responsibilities for you and your life.

Raising the BAR will give you a triple win Wednesday. You will enjoy today much more as you Raise the BAR, you will brighten someones day as you Raise the BAR, and you will begin recovery from the hangover brought on from Going  to the BAR “Bitterness, Anger, and Resentment.”

I am Matt, and I am your friend 🙂


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The Gift of Disappointment

June 11, 2014 while having a conversation with the Manager of the Willow Glen Middle School restaurant about various disappointments in our lives, the following thoughts sprung up in my mind. So with about 15 minutes to lunch time I sat and created this video for you.

Yes, You because I know you have faced bitter disappointments in your life. It is my hope that the following thoughts will encourage and empower you to engage your life with a new level of commitment.

We need you.

I am Matt, and I am your friend 🙂


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The Edge of Risk

The Edge of Risk

Living without taking a risk from time to time may in fact not be living at all. As we journey on where we once were to here and beyond we have experienced many opportunities.

Looking back, some opportunities really were distractions, which now have become educational field trips. The past and its many failed adventures most serve as moments that train us to be better at spotting the differences between a genuine opportunity and a distraction from our brand of success.

Though there is not much that creates more stress than taking a risk, it is at the edge of risk where life becomes worth living and at the same time where opportunities exist.

Taking risk will reveal to you what the right risk looks like, feels like, and sounds like. Get out there on the edge and get to know the difference between distraction and opportunity.

The greatest opportunity for growth, adventure, and your brand of success is out on the edge of risk.

I am Matt, and I am your friend.


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Failures as Friends?

Triple Win Wednesday thought:

Determining to learn from our failures sets us up for a three level win.

1st win: We benefit from our failures.

 2nd win: Upon receiving the benefits and gifts that our failings deliver, they become friends and a sort of springboard to the next levels of success.

 3rd win: As we embrace the gift that failure gives us, we actually look forward to failure and it becomes a trusted friend rather than a dark demon to be avoided.

I am Matt and I am your friend, when I can do anything for you, just ask.


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Encouraging Yourself after being Criticized

Encouraging Yourself after being Criticized

While you fulfill your calling within your family, or where you volunteer, and where you trade your time and talent for money there will always be the probability of being criticized.

Those that direct their words and attitude of criticism towards you usually mean well, yet have no idea the pain they inflict. Sometimes their words become burning words. Sometimes they are filled with venom, and other times they are like an oozing poison that attacks our soul (mind, will, and emotions).

I am offering to you the following audio recording to give you 6 or 7 agents of cure for your soul. They have the capability of bringing healing to your soul that enable you to continue your work.

Encourage Yourself after being Criticized


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I am Matt and I am your friend.

Your Success

Majestic Monday Thought:

Your Success is accomplished through hard work, consistent service, and genuine desire of others success through your special blend of GPA “Gifts, Passions, and Abilities”