August, 2013

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If you think you know it all, you’re a fool for sure;
real survivors learn wisdom from others.

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Pressing Forward Through the Darkness

When you are tired of pressing forward and completing the task that you have agreed to do, how do yo press forward.

When darkness has replaced the light of your work, how do you continue?

When your job has lost its pleasure, how do you continue to press forward?

When a relationship that you vowed to stay in has become dark and dreary, how do you stay loyal to your vow?

There are three questions that each of us must ask before the beginning of any commitment.

After you enter into any endeavor that has big rewards, there will always be darkness prior to the morning, storms before the wonderful sunlight, hardship before the wonder of achievement and accomplishment.

Listen to this almost 30 minute audio and give me your thoughts of its content.


Pressing Forward When Quitting Seems Easier

Pressing Forward when You Feel Like Giving Up

Tonight, August 27, 2013 at 7:00pm (pst) we will spend an hour discussing how to keep pressing forward when you want to quit.

There are three things you must know before you even begin an endeavor that will keep you pressing forward during the difficult times.

While you are pressing forward in the darkness of difficult times; there are five things we must remember to keep us going till the task is complete.

Meet me tonight at 805.399.1000 promptly at 7:00pm (pst) using your pass code of 593915 to learn how to Press Forward when Quitting Seems Easier.

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I am looking forward to spending an hour with you this evening.

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Connect with Hearts before Asking for Hands

Connect to the Heart before Asking for Hands


The greatest task of a leader is to continually move forward in accomplishing the intentions, mission, and purpose of the endeavor they are leading. In accomplishing this there are at three things leaders must always key on the horizon of their vision.




Leaders lead people and people make up an organization. We must promote people more than programs and procedures. Programs and procedures are the structure that enables people to connect to people. People propel endeavors forward to success.




Connecting with people enables leaders to connect to unseen solutions to seen problems, pressures, and pesky people. People are always the answer.




Connecting begins with communication. Communicating is less about what you say and more about what others see, hear, and feel. When the leader listens before they speak and write they communicate much more effectively.


Tuesday evening at 7:00pm (California Time) June 15, 2013 I will lead a lively training on the Seven Skills of Connecting that every leader, team member, and aspiring speaker must know to be able to connect to hearts before asking for hands.


Call 805.399.1000 at 7:00pm (Pacific Coast Time) and when prompted enter your participation code of 593915.


You can download your personal worksheet by clicking on this link.

You can listen to the broadcast by clicking here.


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Adversity May be One of Your Greatest Gifts

Adversity may be one of your greatest gifts


Tuesday evening at 7:00pm (pst) we will spend an hour looking into a statement that at first glance makes absolutely no sense at all. That statement is “Adversity may be the one of your greatest gifts”?


We will discuss how adversity when framed correctly makes the greatest contributions in our lives.


Plan to be with us on Thought-Filled Tuesday at 7:00pm (pst). Pick up your phone and dial 805.399.1000 and when prompted enter your pass code of 593915. You will be ushered into an amazing group of people who are hunting for answers just like you.


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