January, 2013

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Free Samples

A Free Sample for you


One of my favorite times to go to Sams or Costco is when they are handing out the free samples. Sometimes I get hooked into a new product and other times I realize why I never bought this before. Yet, being able to try before you buy is a novel idea, which produces great results most of the time.


Every Tuesday night (except this upcoming Tuesday January 29, 2013) I conduct a live call in program called “Thought-Filled Tuesday’s”. Our theme is focus on you the participant. We are doing all that we can to help you discover your success and peace.


Many people are searching for happiness and believing it is the great goal of life. Life is about having peace! Happiness is based on things that happen, peace is discovered in choices that are made from wisdom.


I invite you to take a free sample of one of our last program. Just call 805.399.1099 and when prompted key in 593915 and you will be able to listen to all or part of a 42 minute wisdom search.


You can reach me at 209.732.matt(6288) of you can email me at wisdom@askmattupton.


Also take a look at the website at www.askmattupton

You said what???

I thought you said …


“I thought you said” is the beginning of many misunderstandings. If not nipped in the bud these four words will destroy the wonder of a relationship between leader and follower, teammates, couples and families.

Many a husband has dutifully gone to the store to pick of milk, eggs, and bread for his wife and returned with a bag or two of things and no eggs, bread, or milk. As he brings in the bags of “thought you said” stuff, she rolls her eyes or begins to let him know he did not get the correct items.

The work place is full of the “I thought you said” misunderstandings. Many volunteer groups have this same “I thought you said” condition. When frustration, superiority complexes, and conflict prevails then there is “I thought you said” they’re too.

Through the years of leadership I have learned three things that insulate against the “I thought you said” syndrome.

First, be as precise and clear using as few words as you possible can when giving a directive.

Second, when possible have the one receiving the directive from you repeat it back to you. This helps to ensure that both of you are on the same page as to what needs to be done and when it must be completed.

Third, understand whom you are giving the directive to. You have three types of people you are leading and communicating to. The visual must see it; the auditory person must hear it, and the kinesthetic must feel it.

Here is a little tidbit; rather than becoming out of sorts with the person who says to you “I thought you said” become a learner and view this as an opportunity for personal growth. When we allow these types of situations to educate us rather than exasperate us, we become our best.

Plan to be with me at Thought-Filled Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm. I host an hour-long phone conference/training that is focused on each of us becoming our best selves. You dial 805.399.1000 at 7:00pm (California time) and when prompted use 593915 as your participation code.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at 209.732.6288 or email at wisdom@mattupton.net. You also follow me on Twitter at Mattuforward or enter the conversation at #askmattupton on Twitter

Trusting creates …

Trusting that things will work out, means to trust someone (or as some will say something) outside of yourself. You can not be Bitter, Angry, or Resentful with the someone or something that you are attempting to trust.

Evidence that you are Bitter, Angry, and/or Resentful is that you position your self as the victim in most of your accounts of what has happened to you.

Granting forgiveness is more for you than for the person or event that happened. Forgiveness is not granting a pardon to the offender, it is giving you freedom from the offender.

It is within the space of freedom where one can begin to trust that things will work out for the best. It is here in this space of forgiveness and freedom where last healing happens, where love grows, and trust creates the best you and your future.

I am Matt and I am your friend 🙂 you can reach me at 209.732.matt(6288)


Infused with Great Possibility

2013 is Infused with Great Possibility


Last night outside my home I heard fireworks and loud noises indicating that people were beginning to celebrate the new year. For some it is more of a celebration that 2012 come to a close.


Here it is just over 12 hours into 2013 and this New Year (as all the others) is Infused with Great Possibility. The possibility of better relationships, the possibility of better health, the possibility of a smaller waistline, the possibility of more money flowing your way, the possibility of greater success and opportunity.


KeyPossibility comes into reality through our ability to believe and act upon what we believe. Bringing possibility into existence is less about doing and more about believing and having the correct attitude.


It is fitting that the first Thought-Filled Tuesday is today, January 1, 2013. I invite you to spend one hour with me at 7:00pm and begin a journey of living a year of possibility. Wherever you are, just pick up your phone and call 805.399.1000 and when prompted enter 593915 and you and I (and many others) will be connected on the phone. We will spend 60 minutes talking about what “Infused with Possibility” means and how to release the Power of Possibility into your life.


Happy New Year and I look forward to our 3,600 seconds together tonight the first Thought-Filled Tuesday January 1, 2012 beginning at 7:00pm.


Call in number: 805.399.1000

Access Code: 593915

My phone number: 209.732.Matt(6288)

The web site: www.mattupton.net


Location … Location … Location

Welcome to the 7.5 hour mark into 2013 🙂 Tonight we get to spend 3,600 seconds together visiting around the idea that this year (as all years are) is Infused with Possibility.

It has accrued to me that some may not know the location of our Thought-Filled Tuesday Wisdom Searches? All of them happen through your phone. Yes, right where you are.

Some will be here (the phone) in their offices, some in their cars, some in their PJ’s, some in their living rooms, yet all of us will be here by way of their phone.

Just call at 7:00pm tonight
Dial 805.399.1000 and when prompted enter the access number 593915
If you have any questions about the time or directions on how to get here call me at 209.732.matt(6288)